It's been good so far! I think this is the earliest we've ever gotten our tree up, but it's beautiful and it makes me happy. Another thing that made me happy was that the house got a good dusting since I couldn't just put up the decorations on top of a layer of dust (even though the thought did cross my mind)! I have appreciated each time it has snowed, and also each time it has melted. :)

What has really ticked me off, though, is this year's Christmas card.  The picture I chose is not the best, in fact neither Dave or Hunter is smiling.  To top that off, I ordered 125 of them...and am now debating whether to send it out or do a completely different one.  Just thinking about it makes me have a headache, so enough of that...

Aunt Kris came over and we made some AWESOME sugar cookies!  The little ones, we just called "dippers" - we just dipped them into the tub of frosting and ate them in one bite.  We came to a quick understanding of why mom does this only once or twice a year...it takes forever!

Hunter's Christmas program this year was different than any other one he's ever had.  It was held at the middle school gym and his 3rd grade class actually wrote a song about elves and performed it with Buck & Elizabeth ( a couple who travel to different schools and do assemblies).  In the picture, he is third from the right.  It was fun...Cooper loved it! 

Coop's class is having their program on Friday, so stay tuned for those pictures.  I am positive it will be hilarious...Coop + a stage + an audience = hilarious. 

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Katy said...

I don't think your family could take a bad picture and I think you should mail it out because it will give everyone a good laugh if nothing else! haha! I also dusted and got our tree up already! Considering we usually do it the week before Christmas I think that's pretty good! I can't wait to hear about Coop's program! Love you!