Spring Break and Easter!

Ah...spring break. We look forward to it every year, and every year it seems to fly by. But we really did have a fun time. We spent a few days at Kristal's house, went to a couple of movies, went out to lunch, to the library and shopped for Easter clothes. I loved having the boys here every day, and they loved being here too. They stayed up late and slept in. It was so nice!

Cooper likes to get outside with Daddy and "mow the lawn". He's such a great helper.

The boys love Zags, my sister's dog. She also has a bigger dog, which they are getting used to...but they wanted their picture taken "with just Zags. Ripken won't sit still." LOL

Easter was different this year...it definitely feels weird not to be with your own family on such an important holiday. But since my parents were out of town and Kris was having her in-laws over, I offered to have Dave's family over at our house, and despite my worrying everything turned out just fine. We taught Sunday School, had an awesome church service then came home and cooked up a storm. Our dinner was delicious! The boys hunted eggs in our backyard, and Daddy pitched balls to them later. It was a very enjoyable day!

I think part of why I was so joyful was that for the first time, I was truly focused on the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter. I mean, I have known from a very young age what it was about, but this year I was FOCUSED on what Jesus did for me. I FELT it all weekend. From Friday to Sunday, I could not stop thinking about the price He paid for us. And it was a wonderful feeling.


our family said...

Awesome! Love the boys all decked out! They are so handsome!

Katy said...

Ali, you have such a wonderful family! I just love you guys and it was so great to see your handsome boys all dressed up on Sunday and you looking pretty as usual! I'm glad you had a great spring break and I sure wish my kids would sleep in! LOL :)