Cal Ripken Baseball

Hunter has finally started playing baseball...on a REAL team..."with REAL uniforms"...as he likes to tell people.

It has been so fun to watch him and his team compete in their games. So many of them have made improvements, and we've only had two games! Their coach is really great - you can tell he loves the game and he is so good with the kids.

These pictures are from Hunter's first game. He played 1st base, and he did an AWESOME job. He caught almost everything that was thrown to him, plus he made several plays on his own. He is always looking to make a double play, too...which is funny.

#9 has been Dave's # throughout his sports career...still is today in softball! And since 51 wasn't available, Hunter picked 9. Couldn't have made Daddy any happier!

We will be playing for about 6 weeks, on Mondays and Wednesdays. He has soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we are pretty busy. But he is loving it and so are we. I just keep saying to myself, "Soak it in, Ali...because before you know it these times will be gone."


Judawn said...

Great pictures ~ isn't it fun when they get to wear real uniforms? Gives them some swagger lol. And you're right ~ time goes so quickly ~ my oldest turned 30 last November ~ and honestly, how did that happen??!! Good Luck Hunter!

Katy said...

He looks so stinking cute in his uniform! Don't tell him I said that! LOL Would love to come and watch him play sometime! Can't wait for Friday!!! Go M'!!! :)

Em said...

Can't wait to watch! i think you're playing Ethan's team on the 21st and I'm hoping to be able to make it to that one!! I love that he picked Dave's number too, so sentimental :)

our family said...

I LOVE that last pic of them lined up on the bench...with their little feet dangling. Too cute! GO, HUNTER!!!!!