Watch Out, Preschool...Here Comes Coop!

Coop started Bethany Preschool today. He has been asking, "How many sleeps..." until he got to go, and finally last night I told him it was "one more sleep 'til preschool!" Boy, he got the biggest goofy grin on his face after hearing that! :) He woke up bright and early this morning, took a bath, got dressed and ate breakfast...all without one complaint. I thought to myself, "Whoa! This preschool thing is gonna be good!" Because he hardly ever does any of those things without a fight!

We had a busy morning, but finally it was time to go. So I loaded Coop (and Kora) into the car and we were off! We pulled up, got out, took a quick picture in front of the steps and took him into his classroom. One of his teachers showed him where to hang his backpack. He gave me a big kiss and hug goodbye, and ran off to play! No tears, no whining...it was really wonderful! He has never done anything like this by himself. Usually when we leave him somewhere, Hunter is always with him. But today he acted like such a big kid and I was so happy and pleased. My little guy is really growing up.

Trying to look cool for the camera...

"Awww, c'mon Mommy! Enough pictures!"
So here I sit, with both of my boys gone. It's just me and Kora, who's actually sleeping right now. And I'm going, "It is WAY too quiet in here...BUT...I get to watch what I want on TV! Woo Hoo!".


Em said...

You're tough. I don't know how I'll be when my youngest starts going to school. I'll probably be a wreck lol. He's such a big kid! Looks like he's not going to have any problems at all :)

Katy said...

Oh Ali, so sweet! I'm glad it went so well for you! What a big boy he is getting to be! Love you!

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

I keep repeating myself but oh well. "I JUST LOVE YOUR BOYS".