On Labor Day we had a big family BBQ at my Nana & Grandpa's house. Mostly all of my mom's family was there, except for just a few. Thankfully, my baby sis Ash moved to Seattle after living in Idaho for almost a year, and she was able to drive over and spend the long weekend with us! I always have big intentions of getting everyone together for a family pic, but of course I forgot. But I did have my mom snap a few pics of me, Kristal and Ashlee. I love my sisters so much, and I'm so thankful God gave them to me! They truly make the best friends, and I know I can count on them for anything. We totally embrace the fact that we are a family of 3 sisters and no brothers, and take pride in the fact that we know A LOT more about sports than most girls (thanks to Dad. :)

Kris and Ash...always my sisters, forever my friends.


Em said...

When I found out that I had three girls, I was so worried. I love seeing hwo close you are to both your sisters. I can't imagine having more then one because I can't imagine sharing the love that I have with my sister with any one else, but I see you guys doing it so well, and it calms my heart knowing that my daughters could be there someday too. Love you Ali! And you're beautiful family.

Katy said...

Awe, how sweet! Aren't sisters the greatest! I'm so glad that Ash moved closer so you guys can get together more often! I feel blessed to be your sister in Christ! Can't wait to go meet our Father in Heaven one day soon! :)

Judawn said...

Sisters are so great! Really good picture too.