The Elk-Feeding Station

Last Sunday after church, Dave announced for us to change our clothes and grab our coats because he was taking us on a little outing. I was happy, because we'd spent all day Saturday cooped up in the house .... not fun. We grabbed a snack for the ride, then headed out.

We ended up at the elk-feeding station in Naches! The boys were ecstatic! There were tons of elk, and a lot of people there that had the same idea as us. The only bad part was that the majority of the elk were a long way from where the people could stand, so we couldn't actually see a whole bunch of them ... apparently they don't like people gawking at them while they eat? Lucky for us, we had the binoculars. :)

We love Daddy for all the fun places he takes us!


Katy said...

Oh I always want to stop there but it seems like when we do they are never there, and when we see all the cars and think they are there, we don't have time! Glad you got out of the house!

Lolli said...

That is the best Sunday drive. My dad used to take us up there too!!

Heidi said...

We took our kids there the last couple years (didn't make it this year!) and the boys just really loved it! thought it was pretty cool, but wanted to pet them!

Em said...

I love going to the feeding station. Actually the last couple of times we've gone they've been right there where you park, pretty close! Looks like tons of fun.