Coop's 3rd Birthday Party

Coop's birthday party was a smash! Dave took the day off to spruce up the back yard, and the boys and I ran errands and cleaned up inside the house. Then all of our dearest friends and family came for a BBQ, cake & ice cream, and the kids' favorite part.... a pinata! (I can't figure out how to get that little thingy over my 'n' in pinata.) Okay, anyway - here are the pictures.

He actually opened his presents this year! Last year Dave & I had to do it because he was having so much fun hitting baseballs with all the kids! He got a TON of stuff! Clothes, toys, a backpack, a baseball glove...you name it - he got it!

Some of the kids had experience hitting the pinata, others (like mine) didn't. But they sure knew to run for the candy when it dropped!

After the kids had all gone twice, some adults wanted to take a crack at it...Aunt Angie, myself and Dave all took turns. (I could see through my blindfold - ha! :)


Colleen said...

Looks like loads of fun Ali!! Nice weather for it huh?

Katy said...

That was a great party! My kids are still begging for their pinata candy!