A Day in the Life of Coop

Coop's favorite movie of all-time is 'Cars' - or "Lightning McQueen", as he refers to it.  Almost every day after we drop Hunter off at school, Coop asks to watch this movie.  After I put it on, he soon starts to drag out a lot of toys...mainly his HUGE collection of die-cast Lightning McQueen cars and a few airplanes.  But recently he's been asking me to bring out our big cardboard blocks, so I spied on him to see what he was up to.  See for yourself...

You see, everyone is at the big race.  You know where Lightning, the Dinoco King and Chick Hicks all race at the end?  This is Coop's version of the movie.  He watches it and acts out every part.  He really has an amazing mind.  The kid is smart.  His imagination runs wild!  He can't recognize letters of the alphabet or tell you what number that is on his flashcards, but he can set up this entire racetrack using blocks and place each one of these cars in just the right spot.  Oh, what joy he brings me!  Look at that proud smile.  :)

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Katy said...

He is a smart kiddo!! That is awesome! I bet he didn't want you to take it down! I wish Eli would learn something from Nacho besides new wrestling moves! Haha!