World's Best Mariners Fans Visit Safeco...

...and by "World's Best", I do mean my children...Hunter and Coop! There is no other way to describe them, actually - if anyone loves the Mariners, it's those two. I wanted to keep it a secret that we were taking them to Safeco for Fanfest, but they heard me talking to my dad about it and their little ears perked up. Even so, the anticipation was wonderful knowing that on that specific Saturday we'd be waking up early, driving to Seattle, and actually playing and running on that beautiful field! The word 'excited' just doesn't do it justice. They were ECSTATIC!

It wasn't all fun and games though. The standing-in-line part wasn't a big hit, and there was quite a bit of that while we were waiting to get into the field and also while we were waiting for an autograph. But after all that waiting, we got to do some amazing things...including catching a fly ball in the outfield, hitting a ball over the center field wall and running the bases. :) There were so many other fun things we could have done, but we simply didn't have enough time. Maybe next year...'cause I really wanted to visit the clubhouse and the weight room!

1 1/2 hrs. later and we were at the table where Chone Figgens and Casey Kotchman were signing autographs! Whew!

Yup...Hunter struck out Raul Ibanez. Look at that pitching form!

Coop tried too...his pitching skills need some work...but he's got the batting ones down!

Coop thought if he just stood there the ball would fall into his glove. LOL!

Hunter actually ran to catch his ball...it hit his glove, but fell to the ground.

Ummm...this picture is self-explanatory...

Me and the boys in the visitors' dugout.

Daddy and his boys. Maybe one day one of our kids will be sitting there playing! Okay, that is a big maybe, but hey...we can dream!

I will say that Dave did not only put the ball over the wall...he almost cleared the stadium! He is such a showoff...

I still got it! Ha!
It was a great day and it just confirmed what I have known all along, which is that we REALLY do have the MOST fun when we are all together as a family. Now please be sure to scroll down and take a peek at my post about Hunter's 8th birthday!


Katy said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time! So glad you got to go! I love all the pictures! You are such a good looking family! :)

Em said...

that looks like so much fun! I'm not much of a baseball fan anymore. I used to watch all the time then lost interest when the Mariners started going downhill, but I should pick it up again. You guys definitely deserve the "best fans in the world" title lol.