Long Time, No Blog!

Oh my goodness, people...it occurred to me today that I have been a terrible blogger! There have been so many fun things I could have blogged about, but I have been doing other things. These things include trying to beat some of you at Bejeweled Blitz and Farkle on Facebook - haha! No, but seriously though, we have been keeping ourselves pretty busy around here!

Hmmmm....so where do I start? I think I will just have to do one blog a day until I'm caught up, otherwise this would be a terribly long post! And even though it was almost a month ago, I really have to start with Hunter's last day of school.

He had a very wonderful teacher this year, Mrs. Aguilar. She was kind and patient and Hunter really loved her. I would have loved to go in and help a lot more, like I did when he was in Kindergarten, but since I had Kora it was kind of hard! He had a super year, got Student-of-the-Month for January, his report card was outstanding, and we are just soooo proud of him!

Coop always has to get in on Hunter's big moments - haha!

Hunter, Isaac, Alonzo

Congratulations, Hunter - you are a 2nd grader!


Em said...

Great blog. A good way to come back lol. That song lighthouse's tale came on when I first clicked on your blog. I LOVE that song. Makes me want to cry looking at your pictures and listening to the song lol.

Katy said...

What a great kid you have Ali! Glad you returned to blogging world! I think Farkle needs a break! LOL

Judawn said...

He is so cute ~ can you believe second grade???!!! Aren't good teachers such a blessing!