Our Easter Celebration

Well, Easter Sunday could not have been any better. I am especially thankful for the awesome music and message during our church service! I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it! Knowing Jesus was beaten and put on the cross for ME...now that is pretty humbling. Saying I'm thankful doesn't even begin to express my gratitude. And just imagining the stone being rolled away to reveal an empty tomb?! How amazing and wonderfully exciting! So thank you, Dana, and Pastor Paul for a really encouraging and uplifting service. My entire family appreciated it. :)

Sunday morning brought both excitement and chaos to our house. Hunter was up especially early, and ran out to the living room to see what had been put in his basket. He kept running into our room and telling us what he got. Dave and I were half asleep, and informed Hunter he'd better not wake Cooper up...it's not every day that Coop sleeps past 7:00 AM! When Coop finally did wake up around 8:00 and asked if it was "Easter Bunny Day" for the billionth day in a row, and we said "yes", he ran out to find...his basket had totally been emptied by his big brother! Hunter had not only looted through his own basket, but taken everything out of Coop's basket, too! He got a little talking-to, and then proceeded to look like this the rest of the morning. You'll notice his lack of enthusiasm...
At least someone's happy!

As usual, we forgot to have someone take a picture of all of us, so we just have these. Remember to click on the collages and they'll get a lot bigger.

BBQ lunch and easter egg hunting in Uncle Dan and Aunt Angie's awesome yard!
Cloudy skies could not stop these kids! Jenae, Jace, Hunter and Coop made a haul! Poor Trey slept through the whole thing....he was one tired little guy! After that we went over to visit with Dave's family for a bit. The kids played the Wii and ate more candy. :)
We are so blessed to have families who love and care for us. We look forward to big holidays like this because we know we'll see family and have good food and a lot of laughs. What a great reason to celebrate - Resurrection Sunday! Thank you, Jesus...for loving us the way you do...


Katy said...

Oh Ali, it looks like you had so much fun and I wish I would have been at church with you guys! Don't get me wrong, I loved our service but there is just something about Mabton! :) You didn't tell me Hunter lost a top tooth? And way to go Coop, dig for those boogers! Did Cole teach him that! LOL We really really miss you guys! We gotta get together soon!!! Love ya!

Heidi said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I guess we missed seeing you at church. You sit in the front row at church, you miss all the people! My boys were so noisy about their baskets that the girls were up anyway, but it was around 8:30, so that was nice. Coop still looks happy despite his basket being dug thru! LOL

Em said...

Oh man, I keep hearing from everyone how great the service was on Sunday, and it makes me want to cry. I actually did cry Sunday morning because I don't htink I've missed an easter sunday service for like 20 years... I was pretty upset. but what do you do! I'm so glad you guys had a great Easter. I'll see ya next Sunday!

Judawn said...

Hi Ali,
It was fun to hear from you! Your boys look sooo cute. Hunter is just a bigger version from the last time I saw him. lol We miss seeing everybody ~ this is a fun way to keep up!